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This is a group that supports Uchiha Sasuke of naruto. This group is to promote all the wonderful [Sasuke] art on Deviantart. Those who may just be a fan are welcomed to join and will get accepted! NO. SASUKE. HATERS (or people who generally hate the anime) are to be harassing any member of this group.

Hate Sasuke? Get lost.


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Feel free to ask questions!! Whether you are a member or just passing by and have concerns, your input is appreciated. Suggestions are always welcomed. If you have ideas in making this group a better community for Sasuke fans/lovers, then feel free to let me know!
I am always opened to new ideas! ♥



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Still Support Sasuke by nranolaSasuke Stamp by RandomTonsAnti-Anti Sasuke Stamp by SpyHunterStamps

I would like to know why you LOVE Sasuke Uchiha as you are a proud member of this group.
I have asked this before (back at the Sasukeism-fc group) and now I would like to hear from you all. :aww:


By: :iconbreakingsasuke:
People have asked me time and time again why I love and support Sasuke. I probably have mentioned this many times. Let me begin by saying that it is a pleasure to take the time and ponder the reasons why I have stuck by Mr. Uchiha's side for nearly a decade and my admiration for this character is still going strong! :heart:

Since the first time I laid eyes on Sasuke, I immediately have fallen for him. He’s one of those serious, cool, bad boy types that attracted me to him first. As we all got to know him, there was a deeper meaning to his composed attitude. People started to understand why he is so dedicated to his training and always had such a high standard. Having lost his clan and being forced to live alone made Sasuke grow up and became a realist. While he knew that he was no where near full strength in order to achieve his life goal (initially to kill Itachi) he was determined to excel and put everything on the line - even if it meant to have joined Orochimaru. Once Sasuke makes up his mind, he sticks with it. I love that he is ambitious and showed the world that he is not just going to sit around and wait for something good to happen. He may have a natural talent but he had to work his ass off to get where he is at. He probably wouldn’t have survived Orochimaru’s training, the curse mark, or anything that got in his way. Sometimes it really amuses me when people act as if everything was just given to Sasuke and that he had everything going for him. That’s not true at all. He had to lose a lot to gain something else. If things always went his way, Sasuke wouldn’t have lost his clan and suffered a great loss. Call him a “gary-stu” for being “overpowered”, but it’s not like many of the other characters aren’t as well, including the main character. Besides, why the hell would someone like Orochimaru want a weak, young body that would be of no use to him? Sasuke always showed great promise and he had to go to hell and back.

Of course, I like his design. Oh that duck-ass hair, his body type, his face, everything. He is simply gorgeous. To add to his extraordinary good looks is his voice. Both his Japanese and English voices makes him sound incredibly sexy. Wouldn’t change that for the world. Sasuke’s not only got the looks, but he’s got the moves too. His fighting style is simply badass. While he has the Sharingan and has the ability to copy his opponents techniques, Sasuke improvises and makes it his own. Like how he did with Rock Lee’s Hidden Lotus move. He couldn’t have seen the whole technique, but Sasuke created his Barrage of Lions. This shows that he is quick on his feet. Another technique is the famous Chidori. In part two, he created Chidori stream and now has a million ways to use lightning such as Kirin. Sasuke’s intelligence is really phenomenal and yet another aspect of him. I really value that a lot. He’s got a lot of wits and I like that.

I am quite fond of his personality. It’s one of the reasons that makes him a badass. Especially in part two. (It’s also a reason why I truly believe that Sasuke’s greatest fans, who are true to who he really is, would prefer the ORGINAL Sasuke over the one from ROAD TO NINJA. Clearly why I made this poll --… ) Sasuke keeps his cool. No one (aside from his brother) can break him. He has hardened his heart so that he won’t be messed with. Just as he showed Danzo, holding Karin hostage isn’t going to stop Sasuke, From the start, he had this quiet intensity - and when push comes to shove - Sasuke won’t show mercy. For the most part, he has become cold and indifferent. As a ninja, he shouldn’t show even an ounce of weakness. I don’t particularly view Sasuke as “pure evil”, because there was a time where he was innocent and loving, but I think the world has stabbed him in the back too many times and he doesn’t want to suffer severe heartache like he did. It's detachment - even now, knowing that Konoha was to blame for his clan. There is clearly a method to his madness and he is just not going to put up with shit anymore. Just look at Gaara. I truly do believe that he was worse than Sasuke back then. He’s probably had more “manic episodes” and psychological issues than Sasuke and he obviously killed more people. And look at him now. If someone like him had such a epiphany where his life would lead him onto the right direction, so can Sasuke. I strongly believe that Sasuke does not have to die to repent in the manga. Sasuke is not a saint, and I don’t agree with some of the decisions he has made, but I can never blame him for becoming the person he is. He is not a perfect person and he may not be a "normal" and a Plain-Jane teenager like Sakura, meaning that people would have higher expectations of him, but he has flaws too and he has this essence called a heart. His hatred, his despair, his rage is everything that made Sasuke who he is - a badass motherfucker. But underneath it all, there lies something beautiful, and yet something so sad that is lost in the world and wants to find it’s way back into the light. Finding the answers to what he really wants in the world. Sasuke’s character is so dynamic, so complex and intriguing to me. So, no, he isn’t just some bastard or a psycho without a cause. Unlike the many people who gave up hope on him, I haven’t.

Sasuke is clearly the darkness himself, and unlike Naruto, he is a realist (as I have said). He doesn’t see the world as just sunshine and rainbows. He doesn’t constantly talk about how he will become Hokage. He won’t force himself to put a smile pretending like nothing’s wrong. Instead, he will move his ass and find a solution. He isn’t this stereotypical, resident “emo” kid where all he does is cries and bitch about his problems. If he did that then he wouldn’t get anywhere. He would still be in Konoha and whining about how he isn’t strong enough to avenge his clan. I probably wouldn't love Sasuke as much as I do now. And if he was just a petty, melodramatic little brat, he would continue to be bitter over Naruto’s quick growth and allow him to become more superior - which he didn’t. When Sasuke found out about "the truth" it changed his perspective about Konoha, clearly. On one hand, Sasuke would have went along with Itachi's desire to serve them. On the other hand, Sasuke was disgusted. Because of this, people thought that Sasuke was just a little shit for not wanting to go along with Itachi's wishes. Here's the thing, Itachi figured that Sasuke wouldn't go along with serving Konoha anyway. It's all a perspective thing. It's not all about what Itachi wanted. He had good intentions, but he still killed his entire clan, which Sasuke loved with all his bleeding fucking heart. TO SASUKE, Konoha was responsible for the tragedy AND Itachi's suffering. Haters have said that Sasuke's only a nut job because he has declared the destruction of Konoha, including helpless women and children and he is simply out of his mind. Maybe he is...but wasn't Konoha too? When they used innocent Itachi as they manipulated him into annihilating hundreds of people and had to force him to be a double agent while being apart of the Akatsuki (an organization of criminals yet, somehow, Sasuke is as low as they come? Seriously??)? Unlike the Konoha council, Sasuke's just a troubled teenager but he had to be smart to survive all the shit he has been through. He still questions himself, he existence, and the person he truly is, "what am I?" To me, he is more so confused and unsure about many things but he continues to walk forward and fighting for what HE thinks is right. Even if he must close his eyes, shut the door, and use the forces of what he calls "darkness".

I don’t know about you, but, in my personal opinion, Sasuke makes the manga much more interesting, without him, I think Naruto or the manga itself wouldn't be shit. I like the fact that Sasuke isn’t such a bland and boring character that has no ambitions, no goals, no flavour, considering that he is the PRIMARY antagonist. He is what drives Naruto to get stronger and to see the world how it is. Even those Sasuke haters can't deny that Sasuke has worth. When you have something to lose, like a best friend, then you will do anything to get him back. You have something to fight for. Sasuke is that obstacle Naruto has to hurdle over. Won’t be easy either. Perhaps Naruto will save Sasuke in the end as this is also a challenge he decides to take on. Those NaruSaku fantards who believe in their couple because of parallelism, then, from their “logic”, Naruto (being the main character that he is) will definitely win Sasuke back and have him return to Konoha in one piece. Why? Because Jiraya failed to save Orochimaru and time is only repeating itself - but Naruto won’t fail - as he will also become Hokage and marry Sakura and have butt secks with her and have lots of orange-haired babies and blah, blah, blah--- Okaaaay, enough with that domestic crap we shouldn't care about where the main character will win everything he ever wanted in the end! My only concern is that I will never stop supporting Sasuke. I am proud to say that I will love him no matter what - through thick and thin, baby! :#1:

By: :icondeathgenebunny:
Your post left me speechless. Simply on the fact that you got every one of my thoughts, dead on!

I have friends who are always criticizing me, on how much I love "the Emo kid". Though we argue to no avail sometimes, I let them off with one thing. If they can’t see how amazing Sasuke’s character is, then I don’t see how they can call themselves Naruto fans. He’s such a crucial character to the story, be him be liked or not.

Like you, I fell for Sasuke the first moment I saw him. He drew me in immediately. I later fell in love with his personality and as the story progressed, though I didn’t agree with many of the choices he made, I understood completely where he was coming from.

As a child he lost his clan at his brother‘s hand and after so much work and effort, time granted him the opportunity to kill his kin. . . just when everything was clear to him, he found out the dark truth. The found out about the pain his brother had endured so that the village could gain it’s “peace”. Put in his situation, I might be doing the same thing.

Though there are many things I would retort him on, I still support him 100%! I’ve loved Sasuke for over a decade and I’ve stuck by him though thick and thin. Sometimes I fear the worst when it comes to thinking about the end, I know I will still be on his side. I’ve come this far… my love for Sasuke sure won’t wilt now.

By: :icond-oppelganger:
AMG your thoughts are my thoughts too xD
His pwetty face in particular attracted me when I first saw him while flicking the channels on TV. Thanks to him I watched Naruto since then xD
I really love how he developed as a character, its very unique, and no, he is not emo, I mean, he doesn't even show much emotions xD
Although he got really twisted, I still see it realistic because he was only 7(?) when his clan was killed. He was only a child, but of course, the same pain will grow up with him so he had to stick to his revenge even if he doesn't want to leave Team 7.

Before he left Konoha for Orochimaru, he remembered Sakura and Naruto, then remembered Itachi, then he blurted out "Darn it.."
This means that he was making a very hard decision. His revenge for his clan, or his bonds?
It should be a hard decision, but he ended up sacrificing his bonds because as a member of the Uchiha clan, it would be so selfish to choose your own bonds, and that is a really sad and painful thing, but some people didn't see that and end up hating and giving up on Sasuke...
During the fight with Bee, he remembered Team 7 again and they appeared to be his inspiration and he rescued Karin from the Amaterasu. SO he isn't the dick a lot of haters are thinking, he acknowledges the help his friends are giving him,but grew to be an avenger so he keeps on saying that bonds indeed slow him down. Now he's after avenging Itachi, and just like the other comment, I'll do the same thing because I didn't know that Konoha could do that and it definitely made me think that they toyed on the proud Uchiha clan.
But I loved him even more during the last chapter he was shown in the manga, I just love that side of his!

By: :iconshakugannoshania:
When I first saw Sasuke to be honest I wasn't that a big fan I didn't love him like I do now but I never hated him. He was really cool and cute he was an great ninja and very skilled witch made me love him even more. Everyone was saying he's such a idiot to leave the village and join Orochimaru and why would he do such a thing!etc. Well think about it you're 8 years old and when you're going home you just see everyone dying in front of you then you see both your parents also dead then all of a sudden your older who was so nice to you when you were younger and got along with so well makes it seem like he wants to kill you. Again he was ONLY 8! what would you think or do if you were him. If your brother killed you're whole family and looked like he wanted to kill you would you hate him? I know I would. Sasuke was such a cute kid and so happy when he was younger but when something like that happens for sure you're going to change if it's a lot or even a bit.

Also some might think still he's a idiot but people said he needed to become cold heart to kill Itachi and Itachi said that sasuke couldn't kill him because he lacked hatred and that's what sasuke did he became cold and his hatred grew. I loved it that Sasuke never gave up he kept trying until he killed Itachi.

After his killed Itachi and knew the truth part of me wished he would go back to the village but the manga and anime would of ended to early but you have to understand why he does what he does. He even said to Tobi "If you think I'm just a foolish kid ruled by his emotions, that's fine. Following Itachi's path would be childish, the whispering of fools who don't know hatred. If anyone else tries to ridicule the way I live, I'll slaughter everyone they ever cared about. And then maybe they'll understand what it's like to taste… a little of my hatred." and that's why he didn't go back. And some still don't understand why he wants to destroy the leaf village but he even told Itachi why. "I can forgive you… But I can never forgive Konoha!!""The more I'm able to hate Konoha for the suffering they put you through. In fact, it's becoming even stronger than before. I do understand what you want me to do. It's probably because you're my older brother that you feel the need to put me on the right path. But it's probably because I'm your younger brother that I'll never stop, no matter what you say. As you'll always exist to protect the village… so will I to destroy it. Goodbye… brother."

Some may hate Sasuke but like Itachi but they have to also understand that Sasuke it destroying the village for Itachi. If any Sasuke hater still didn't under then he/she will just have to deal with it Sasuke is the other main character and he's staying for as long as Masashi Kishimoto wants him.

Extra: Sasuke is an amazing ninja who is also smart, strong, hot, smexy etc
Also in a way I just think Sasuke is sorta misunderstood

By: :iconyuzukiyaoifan:
pleases me sasuke actually really only since the shippuden so ... at the beginning I'd like him but because I now understand what he feels and has been through everything ... I like it a lot .. I think he is a good friend of naruto. . even if he does not show it ... I just really like him .. and i support him .. no matter what ..x3 nobody can say is my opnion :heart: i hope it is good what i write ^^"

By: :icongabzilah:
Well when I first saw sasuke, not that I disliked him, but fangirls were like all over him and didn't knew what they saw in him. But as time passed I learned of his past and all came to like him. It's like when you don't like or hate an anime character and after hearing their past you come to love them. The point is why I came to like Sasuke more in recent chapters/episodes is that I hope he's gonna change and at the end go to Naruto's side, but I still think he'll keep his attitude only won't be that evil/crazy as he used to. But we don't know the end yet but I'll still have hope:)

By: :iconrarity-princess:
When it comes to characters,I've always gone for the cold and cooler guys,Rather than the main goofy ones,Sasuke has the
most interesting,Tragic back story in naruto for me,I just love uchiha's in general too and their history is very interesting as
well,I always enjoy uchiha flashbacks the most.
Also sasuke's character has changed the most in naruto,Keeping him interesting through out the series.

By: :iconkumiuchiha:
Well I love Sasuke because hes a bad guy! I always seem to fall for the badies or at least anti-heros! It has been a trend with me for years!!! I also love him cuz hes so strong, smart, sexy, and an all around bad ass!!!!

By: :iconemiitea:
because he is so adorable >//u//<

By: :iconzafts-prince:
At first, I loved him for one simple reason: He was so cool ~ :iconcute-plz:
But as the series went on, more and more began to develop and we slowly started to learn about Sasuke's tragic past.
It was around episode 128-131 when I began to simply adore him. It's sweet little past when he spent time with his older brother Itachi, it was very touching.
There also the time when after the Chuunin exams which also captured my heart, the time Naruto and Gaara were fighting and he stood up to protect his dear friend, Naruto. I could go on about the certain episodes were Sasuke has just simply caught my heart by being a big on the inside, like the episode with Haku and Zabuza :meow:
By Shippuuden, I was just rooting for him, I wanted to him get his revenge but I also wanted to see if he'd ever go back..
Then there the episode in Shippuuden where Sasuke found out the truth with Tobi, so many feels ;A; .. And the episode when he fought along side Itachi to take down Kabuto ... EVEN MORE FEELS ;A; ....
Apart from his personality and his story, I just love his design, he's a very handsome/cute character in my opinion ^^
The war in the manga has been dragging on a bit and it's dulling my interest in Naruto a lot but I still wait to see what move Sasuke will make, so Sasuke to me is what is keeping my interest in the series C:

By: :iconmy-lullaby123:
I love Sasuke because he was cool to me. I knew how he felt to lose the people you love. To want revenge. I felt like me and Sasuke where alike in many ways I could count. Also HES HOT! I felt sorry for him. If I could be in the Naruto world he would be the one I would suport.

By: :iconsourair:
I absolutely LOVE Sasuke's personality. He's dark and mysterious and quiet... And he always act like he's emotionless. Though we really can't see it, he's battling everything that happened to him... His family getting killed, Itachi being the murderer, being left alone, etc. He's probably going through a lot mentally, so I like how he's just silently going through it all, and never asking any help. This just shows how strong he really is.

But then, as the beginning of the series starts, he meets Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi, and everything changes.

I also like how, even when he's evil, you can still sort of see the human side to him.

He became my favorite character as soon as I began watching, and I'll continue supporting him no matter what!

By: :iconlilyan-li-li-lu-xd:
i love and give all my support to sasuke because is so cool and hot ^///^, is my favorite character from anime naruto... is the most important for me... her way of made the thing, her revenge and the love for his brother and his people make me appreciate him it even more ... I LOVE SASUKE UCHIHA!!!!

By: :iconmellymon97:
i support sasuke mostly because i feel bad for him. also even as the oldest of three i some times feel like i need to do what is the best in my family. though like sasuke i can lose track on what really matters and stay focused on what i want to accomplish, not knowing that i gained something better

By: :iconarukiah:
I support Sasuke because when my eyes first laid eyes on his gorgeous face they were just glued to him. I think he is an amazing character and has a great past story. I love his personality he is mysterious dark type but has a fun side to him.
I just ♥ him!

By: :iconxslappythedummyx:
the reason i started liking sasuke is because before i even watched naruto, i played clash of ninja with my brother and i didnt know who any of the characters where and to me, he seemed liked the coolest out of the like 5 u could choose from. so i always played as him in every naruto game then he became my fav and i looked forward to seeing him in the show ^^

By: :icondarkmetalgothicgirl:
Well in my opinion, Sasuke is awesome and not because of his looks... In my point of view I consider him as a good well designed character and I kinda feel sorry for him, because he pass through too many difficulties in his childhood. His personality is way more complex than most of the other characters (I guess), this complexity is because of his older brother Itachi who (technically) dragged Sasuke to darkness saying negative stuffs so to speak (no offending Itachi fans, that's just my thought) and fall to the path of revenge to gain power as soon as posible to kill Itachi and avenged his clan... The way he gives a shit to everthing just for obtain power or to achieve his goals is just brave and defying, even if that means stay sunken in the dark or sell his own soul to Satan for the sake of his purposes. It's admirable how his personality suddenly changes in depending of the situation and still staying so calm as if nothing had happened. His rival-friendship relation with Naruto is awesome, I mean before he left Konoha, his firendship with Naruto makes him see that not only he can stand strong enemies, but Naruto too! (lol and because of this he kinda feel jealous :XD:)
And finally, in recent chapters, he's kinda starting to see the light (?) after the second meeting with his older brother who was revived by Kabuto (well I hope so)...

By: :iconsakamakijustine:
I can write a book but i'm just going tell ya a few things ;D Well once I started to watch naruto the way he act. his way of looking so cool and calm that what most attract me to guys. plus he looked so adorable:meow: but not just his looks it the way he was always concentrate on his training to become stronger to be able to surpass his brother and get his revenge to me that showed me that sasuke is willing to do anything for what he cares about ( I know he doesn't care right now but he use to especially for his brother). like said I will always support sasuke no matter what it because I understand what he went through. And plus he such a bad ass x3

By: :iconuchihajade:
I support Sasuke Uchiha for a number of reasons, but it actually took quite a few minutes of deep, focused thought to put them together, and really contemplate why I do.

I'll admit, when I first started watching Naruto -it was Team 7's first reunion with Sasuke, in Shippuden, after the Orochimaru fallout- I completely just lost all thought and my eyes immediately had a seizure upon sighting that lovely dark, blue tinged hair, and austere expression that was so badass it was almost visual rape. First impression had me hooked. Especially when he spoke. It just amplified his sexiness, awesomeness and badassery by like... 9999. Of course, at the time it was mostly his physical features or rather, his appearence that had me fangirling like crazy. And that's what I was, really. A fangirl, not necessarily a true supporter - I knew nothing about him at the time.

However, I decided to watch the original series and catch up, I was just so hooked onto Naruto. Through that, from the very first episode, I started to learn more and more about Sasuke, and how there was more to him than meets eye. I had not only fallen in love with his seemingly flawless and badass looks, but his deep, profound personality as well. His personality, during that 'phase' I guess, was the most attractive part about him I guess. I always find that I can 'connect' really well with any particular antagonist of any anime. It's never a good guy. But anyway, as I said, his personality really intrigued me. I mean, he was so focused, narrow-minded, but focused, and I loved the fact that his comrades didn't concern him a single wit. Nothing else did, except for anything to do with his goal - his drive and determination especially appealed to me. I love that in a character. But, when it's of a serious nature, when it's a personal thing - such as Sasuke's desire to kill his brother, Itachi Uchiha, that's what I really found to be awesome about Sasuke.
So driven by revenge and power, that nothing else mattered - he was a realist, not pondering complete bullshit, no happy rainbows and no sympathy for anything or anyone. He wasn't easily swayed by the prospect of happiness, happy things... this is what I value in a character. Where they are their own person, and nothing else affected them in the least. The only thing that mattered were their goals, and they would stop at nothing to achieve them. I found this most attractive about Sasuke. He's a very composed person, and I like the fact that he doesn't work well with others (or rather, didn't, back in the Acadamy), preferring to do things alone and be alone. I also quite liked his unusual trait of an inferiority and superiority complex. Not willing to acknowledge when someone is stronger than him, but obsesses when they are. He shows no emotional buildup at all, even when pressured. He takes everything into account, analysing every detail of every situation, great or small. Sasuke and I have a great deal in common, which is partly the reason why I feel -or rather, felt- so emotionally attached to him.
He's a very ruthless person, too, another quality of him I like, which only developed later on in the series, but still. From all the experiences Sasuke has had, it's completely changed - or, rather, brought out the true Sasuke, someone no longer hiding in the shadow of a false happiness or peace. I admit, I did get very worried when I thought he was actually considering abandoning his goal of revenge - I mean, that ain't the Sasuke that we all knew and loved. Sure, it would've been nice to see him happy and smiling, but the way Sasuke is - what he is now, especially - is what makes him totally unique. His character, though it may seem cliche to others, is extremely original in my opinion. As events have unfolded, Sasuke has been adapting and who Sasuke Uchiha truly is is finally being revealed, like a caterpillar shedding its cocoon, and a butterfly emerges. Sasuke has gradually done that; now his cocoon is finally gone, and the butterfly is ready to take flight and truly begin to live.

I really admire how Sasuke views the world, too - I love how he's been walking through the worlds darkness, and he truly sees it for what it is. He's experienced so many things, so many emotions, it's amazing he's still sane really. Actually, scratch that, at present, Sasuke is borderline insane. All he needs is just one more push and that's it, he's probably going at breaking point. Anyway, as I said, Sasuke's emotions played a pivotal part in the development of his personality, as he was really manipulated by someone he used to look up to the most... Itachi Uchiha. Many people don't fully grasp the true nature of his situation, often hailing Itachi as a saint with complete disregard for Sasuke or any of his desires, often twisting them as a negative thing in order to praise Itachi. This is very saddening. Sasuke is, in my honest opinion, one of the most butchered anime characters of all time. People complain that Sasuke is all 'emo' and a stupid person because he wants to destroy the Leaf village. This I absolutely cannot stand. The Leaf village took something very important in anyones life away from him, including his brother actually - his family. That's unforgivable, especially considering Sasuke was completely unawares of what was happening at the time, being only what - 6 years old? That's just cruel. See, it all started at a young age, and when you're that young, traumatic experiences or events affect you so drastically it practically a DNA imprint, now a part of you, and you're never the same person you were before.

It honestly annoys me how hardly anyone fully comprehends who Sasuke truly is, or his feelings, and just continue to demoralize him like he's trash undeserving of even existing. I mean, the Leaf village was really the cause of all of his suffering, and Itachi's as well. If anything they should blame the Leaf village...
Just a side note, I'm no longer infatuated with Sasuke. I was for about a year, but then I realized it was kinda just... stupid fangirling, in a way. I'm still deeply connected to him but as a loyal supporter, not as an infatuated fangirl. I'm completely attached to one of the Akatsuki members, who I shall not name. 5 years on, and going strong. <3 Though I do miss fangirling over Sasuke... just a little. :3
Aaaaand I'm done here. I'd expand more, but I don't think people find walls of texts very interesting to read. xD


I re-read my post and realized I missed something in what I wanted to say, probably one of the most important reasons of why I support Sasuke.

That reason, is the fact that he's had to struggle and work his absolute arse off to get where he is. Naruto has done that too but nowhere NEAR as much as Sasuke had. Hell, Naruto practically got everything handed to him on a silver plate! He had the Nine-Tails, and even HE noted that without him Naruto would be nothing short of weak. He has his Uzumaki longevity, the power of the Nine Tails, not to mention you know in recent episodes all the nonsense about his parents being his two 'suns'. He got his forbidden jutsu (Tajuu Kage Bushin no Jutsu) AND not to mention he trained with Jiraiya as WELL as Kakashi. Sasuke, on the other hand, didn't have the talent that his brother had and he worked extremely hard for quite some time just master a Fireball jutsu! He didn't have godly parents (Kushina isn't really godly but she's still got that strong Uzumaki benefits, as well as previous jinchurikii of Kurama), he didn't have ten thousand people teaching him stuff. He just had his determinatio, his hatred, and Orochimaru. He progressed over time through mountains of effort and grueling training through Orochimaru knowing full well he'd have to turn over his body in the end. Naruto just got free training from two of the most recognized and praised ninja ever to come from the Leaf.

Also, Sasuke, unlike Naruto, has actually had to feel the pain and suffering of losing his family. Naruto never knew any of his family to begin with. It's just as Sasuke said, and I quote, "Just shut up for once! What the hell do you know about it?! It's not like you ever had a family in the first place! You were on your own right from the beginning, what makes you think you know anything about it?! Huh?! I'm suffering now because I had those ties, how on earth could you possibly understand, what it feels like to lose all that?!" A lot of people think that Naruto relates to Sasuke on a great scale. When in truth, he does not. Not at all. He might know what it's like to suffer because you have no family, but he has no idea what it feels like to lose them. Personally I believe Naruto will never understand Sasuke completely. He can't 'shoulder his hate' it's just not that simple. Another reason why I support Sasuke, Naruto is always making all this bullshit up without any real logic! Oh, 'I'll shoulder your hatred and we'll die together' just NO Naruto. It's not that simple and that will not help Sasuke at all. It will most certainly not help to get rid of the negativity, the grudge, the hatred, the fury, despair, sadness or pain that's been festering in Sasuke's heart for God knows how long! 10 years! Oh, 'If being smart means what you say it does, I rather be a fool my entire life!' damnit Naruto! No logic in there whatsoever. This is why Sasuke is such a badass and you aren't. But what I ESPECIALLY hate is how he just declares that he's going to do this and that and he just will find a way to do it because he's Naruto and everything is possible for Naruto. Just. NO! NO. Damnit! He never THINKS about ANYTHING. He's always pulling some bullshit out of his ass right at the moment he's about to get his ass beaten and there you have it, Uzumaki Naruto, the hero of a story in which feelings and long-winded speeches about optimistic, unfounded bullshit are enough to kill people, and 10 thousand variations of a single jutsu actually passes for 'strength'. (I mean, come on. Sure, Sasuke has a couple variations of Chidori but that's it. Naruto even has fucking Sage Art Rasengans! Really?! You don't see Sasuke going, "Amatersasu! Chidori Blaze Asdfghjklakjfajfajaflal!)

But yeah, just had to add that. I like how he doesn't make illogical declarations. XD

By: :iconcallyzah: :new:
well... =D one day a friend of mine showed me the opening of the anime Naruto ... Then, at the opening of the anime, there was a boy was turned back, with black hair in the wind ... and I felt a shiver and I knew that kid would be problematic and irresistibly appealing!
Months later I started watching the series... and from that first kiss, (sasunaru), I can not stop thinking about him!

By: :iconjennie07: :new:
I Love Sasuke because he's strong, he makes the anime more interesting and he's evil :D
And without Sasuke I would never be an Otaku like I am right now :)
And this sounds WEIRD but... Sasuke makes my imagination go wild, You know, weird and impossible things happen and he helps me make stories too.
And he's the reason why I made my own character in Naruto :)
He is so Important to me :)
Weird and Scary but I'm In love with him even though he's just a fictional character :D
And I'm proud of it! <3

:iconpinksparkleplz: :iconpurpleheartplz: :iconpinksparkleplz:

By: :iconitasasu2002: :new:
i support him because i think hes cute. hes just a misunderstood character and i don't think anyone could fill his lonely existance except for itachi and his family. he portrays what revenge-filled people in reality are truely like. and i hate it when people call him names too. i mean wouldn't you do the same if you were in sasukes place? think about it..

By: :iconqueenolympia: :new:
Before I knew anything about anime, I had a friend who called me Sasuke because I always had the same expression as him, (the one where you fold your hands and rest your head on them with the -.- look). I started watching because I wanted to figure out why she was calling me that (and if it was secretly an offence.) At first, I thought Sasuke was a stuck-up and didn't like him all that much. I thought that he ought to tone down on the high and mighty attitude. Then I realized that there was something to why he was always so emo and sad and cold. His mind had been messed with at such a young age, by none other than his own family.
But that was not what really attracted me to him. I fell in love with his ability to hold it all in for so long. See, another reason why people call me by Sasuke's name is because when people hurt me, I get angry and try to take revenge in any way I can *ahem ahem i dun kill them not so violently thank you very much* and make them feel the way I feel. I just have to take it out on someone, something, anything. But he actually managed to keep the pain, the sadness, the hate inside for (how many?) years before Orochimaru gave him the final push that made him leave Konoha. If I was in his position, I'd probably not have the will to carry on living and/or go insane trying to hold in all the feelings while I got stronger. I really don't know how he did it (till he exploded and defected from Konoha). I guess he is a little insane, but not completely. And even for that, I admire him.
His supposed 'depression' actually makes him see the world clearer instead of the way Naruto sees it (although Naruto is starting to see it now) and I admire him for being able to calmly analyse a situation instead of jumping in and murdering someone straightaway, especially after Shippuden.
It would have been better for him if he just forgot all the pain he had suffered and move on... But that's not easy to do at all. He kind of reminds me of Ciel Phantomhive in that way, but instead of relying on a demon butler, he worked so, so hard to get to where he is in the manga now. He hasn't given up.
I still wish that Naruto will end only after giving him some happy closure. He deserves it.


Thank you all who joined this group and left a post here to showcase your admiration for this character~~ SASUKE FAN FOREVER!!! :la:
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